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Nemanja's Bio


Nemanja Golubovic, founder and CEO of the vastly influential vegan restaurant
 “Kale My Name”, was born and raised in Montenegro.

Graduating with an impressive master degree in public relations in addition to speaking four languages Nemanja is an ambidextrous traveler. He lived in several diverse countries where he was educated on international cuisines; that he would later implement to his brand. Prior to him rooting his entrepreneurial foundation in 2015 in the United States.

Opening his establishment “Kale My Name” became an immense success. The popular restaurant chain acquired its notoriety as being “100% plant-based”. Inclusively thinking of his strategy he adopted his brand’s mantra “vegan for the animals, for our health, and the earth”. Kale My Name, Chicago, opened its doors, in April 2020. The establishment received a neighborly welcome during the opening weekend. The opening was an enormous success. The event ran through 500+ to-go bags the CEO originally purchased assuming it would remain for a minimum of three months. 

Acquiring a plethora of five-star ratings and reviews, “Kale My Name” has quickly converted into the top-rated vegan restaurant in Chicago and won numerous awards. Some of the most notable awards Kale My Name won are:
"Best of Chicago" Award by Chicago Reader for “Best Vegan Restaurant” in the city. VegOut Magazine awarded Kale My Name with national award for America's Vegan Restaurant of the Year.  In addition, Kale My name won VegNews Magazine 's Veggie Award for “Best Vegan Casual Restaurant in the United States”.
PETA declared Kale My Name a winner of national award for "Best Vegan Hot Dog".

The ultimate objective for Golubovic is having Kale My Name nationally. Bringing diverse selections of delicious vegan cuisine to the world can change the way consumers view plant-based food; one meal at a time.

In January 2023, Golubović was cast as a judge and mentor on the reality TV competition show The Blox, hosted and produced by MTV star Weston Bergmann. Nemanja appeared in two season. 

Currently, he is co-hosting The Joanne and Neman Show with social media star and bestselling author Joanne Lee Molinaro, which is available to watch on The Korean Vegan Youtube channel.

Nemanja has his own YouTube series called "Puppy Patrol" where he interview dog owners while they are driving to the dog park for a playdate. Celebrity guests that appeared on the show are Tabitha Brown, Nic Few, Plant Based Tamika, Joanne Molinaro and many others. 

Nemanja appears in "American Sesh" show produced by Pinky Cole. 

In 2024 Nemanja launched his own podcast "EXTRAORDINARY WITH NEMAN" with goal to inspire viewers to live their life to the full potential and authentically - just they way they are. "Extraordinary with Neman" is produced by Chicago Podcast Studios and it's available on iHeartRadio, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Youtube and Amazon Music. 

Nemanja runs @kalemyname Instagram page where he shares his vegan journey and vegan foods all around the world with over 265  thousands followers. 


Nemanja's Shows
The Joanne & Neman Show | Ep 1: Is it too late to find your dream job in your 40s??

The Joanne & Neman Show | Ep 1: Is it too late to find your dream job in your 40s??

Enjoy our first episode of the The Joanne & Neman Show, where Neman and I take a field trip to Kale My Name and meet with special guest, Emmy nominated actress, Tabitha Brown! We discuss finding success at 40 and get chills after learning about an inspiring dream Tabitha had. Let us know your burning questions for the next episode! 0:00 Intro 0:20 Planned Outfits 0:49 Meet Neman, Founder of Kale My Name 0:53 How Joanne and Neman Met 1:45 Going on a Field Trip to Kale My Name 2:46 Finding Your Career in Your 40s 3:07 Tabitha Brown Shares a Dream She Had 4:46 Tabitha Brown on Being Recognized 6:07 We Are Worthy of the Leap 6:25 It’s Never Too Late to Follow Your Dreams Want more of Neman? You can find him on Instagram: Personal Profile: @nekacgolubovic Business Profile: @kalemyname Joanne Lee Molinaro is a Korean American trial lawyer, New York Times best-selling author, James Beard Award-winner, and host of the Are You Ready podcast. With nearly 5 million fans spread across her social media platforms, Joanne has appeared on The Food Network, CBS Saturday Morning, ABC's Live with Kelly and Ryan, The Today Show, PBS, and The Rich Roll Podcast. She's been featured in the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, NPR, and CNN; and her debut cookbook was selected as one of “The Best Cookbooks of 2021” by The New York Times and The New Yorker among others. Helpful Resources: Website: The Korean Vegan Cookbook: The Korean Vegan Meal Planner: The Korean Vegan Podcast: Linktree: Find me on Social: Instagram: TikTok: Twitter: Facebook: Videography by Stephen Guetti Films: Social : @guettifilms YouTube: Stephen Guetti (
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